Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well, wouldn't you like to know!

 It’s almost as if my life has come full circle.  I was born in NY, raised in VA, lived in FL, and now I’m making my way back to the Big Apple, at the age of 25.  Like so many of us who are just turning, or still in the process of being, 25 years old, I found myself wondering where is my life going, and if this is the road I am really meant to be on.  I guess you could call it a “Quarter Life Crisis”.  So instead of just sitting around waiting for something to happen for me, I decided to pack my car up and head to NYC.  Yes, the warm sun, palm trees, and beaches in Florida are great, but I feel like I need to shake things up a bit.  So now, I am hitting the road and heading up to a city that "never sleeps".

Anywho…I originally decided to start this blog because I have a “passion for fashion”.  Yes, so does half of the world.  But…I don’t JUST have a passion for fashion; I have a passion for fashion that doesn’t break the bank.  Who says you have to spend a fortune to look fabulous??  I’m the average 25 year old who is starting to make her way in her career and in life, and quite frankly…funds are limited *gasps* SHOCKER!  Sooooo as a result, I can’t afford Christian Louboutin, Gucci, and Prada (you know the rest) at the moment.  Do I splurge occasionally?  Of course!  Who doesn't?  But only when I’ve been a good girl ;)  Remember it is not about who you wear, but how you look in what you wear.  Just because we're not rolling in dough, doesn't mean we have to settle for less!

This blog will not only be a guide for how to look great and prepared for any occasion without breaking the bank, but also a young woman's journey as she makes her mark in the world.  So, follow me as I chronicle my journey from FL to NJ to NYC &&& show YOU how to be fabulous for LESS!

Ta-ta for now...I will see you as I take my show on the road =)

Disclaimer:  I am not a professional stylist, just a self-proclaimed fashionista.

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