Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Kolor on the Block Series (Gentlemen's Edition)

Okay, gents, don't say I've never done anything for you! ;)

Color blocking for MEN for under $100!

Welcome to the 3rd post of the "New Kolor on the Block Series", the MEN'S edition!  I've picked out my favorite color block apparel for men (available online) for under $100/each to share with you.  Stay tuned for future posts as part of this spring trend's series.

Note:  You will need to use the arrows to view more items. You can click on an item to purchase at the retailer's website if it is not already sold out (keep in mind, I've put these on here not just for you to be able to purchase, but also as inspiration, so I apologize ahead of time if I got your hopes up and an item is already sold out).


  1. Such great ideas! I love your blog!

  2. Thank you, Mary! Thanks for stopping by my page =)

  3. Awesome post! Especially for the men. I love the first block cardigan sweater.. lovely and cheap..

    All the best, Angel