Friday, April 1, 2011

Penn Station Chronicles: Deja Vu

Penn Station Chronicles does not discriminate.   No sir...sure doesn't.  Just when I thought it was only NY Penn Station that would provide random entertainment...I was sadly mistaken.  Newark Penn Station is right up there and did not disappoint.

Background story:  Last year, on Halloween, my sister and I participated in the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade.  It was my first time in the parade...actually it was my first Halloween ever in NY.  But let's cut to the chase...after finishing the parade, we took the train back to Newark Penn Station where we were parked.  As we're leaving the station and walking towards the parking garage, a woman approximately in her 40s, approaches us and gives us this looooonnng speech about how she's been out there all day trying to get enough money to feed her family...TEARS AND ALL!  I'll never forget it.  It was convincing, but you have to be skeptical.  Because it was so late, we gave her a few dollars because you never know what to expect at that time of night if you turn someone down...they may just be that desperate.

Anywho...I recently came back from a trip to VA, and my sister and I took the Amtrak to Newark Penn where her husband would be picking us up.  Needless to say...on our way out of the station, towards the parking garage *DUN DUN DUNNNN* (Do you know where I'm going with this?  Are you ready?) the lady who approached us on Halloween was back to the same old tricks!  OH NO SHE DIDN'T!  Oh yes, she did!   I recognized her the instant I saw her because she came to us in the same fashion and in the same exact spot.

This time, daylight was on our side, and we had an extra person!  We just kept walking as she was getting ready to pull out her best performance.  Shut her DOWN!  She got a "a" out, but that was about it!  We know who you are, honey!  You may not remember us, but we sure do remember you!

Moral of the story (not to state the obvious):  Sometimes, you just have to keep on walking and ignore people when they are begging for money.  You can't trust everyone who asks for spare never know if they are genuinely in need or if that is their daily routine.

Thank you, Newark Penn Station!

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  1. I'm a born and raised New Yorker and it must come with experience and time but after awhile you start to figure out who actually needs the money and who doesn't. Whenever my heartaches I know that its real and I usually give them whatever change I have in my wallet. Then there are those who it's all an act. Where I grew up there was this homless man that always had an act he was either crying that his leg was broken, his arm was broken, or really anything. He was always full of stories, it was sad but yet sadly amusing bc ppl in the neighborhood knew his whole gig. It's sometimes hard to turn someone down but sometimes you just have too.