Monday, April 4, 2011

TARGET DOES IT AGAIN!: FAB Mossimo COLORED Pumps @ Target for only $29.99!!

Well, folks...TARGET HAS DONE IT AGAIN!  They brought back the fabulous & COMFORTABLE (I can definitely attest to that!) Mossimo Viviana Pumps but this time they are available in RED patent, BLUE patent, BLACK patent, BLACK GLITTER, GOLD GLITTER & CHEETAH PRINT (*RAWR*!).  They are all ONLY $29.99!!!

Background story:  When I came across the Mossimo nude, patent leather, platform pumps at Target, I almost sh*tted my pants.  Not only because of the height of the heel (as most avid Target shoppers's hard to find anything higher than a 3" heel) but also THE PRICE!  The nude pumps were ONLY $29.99!!!  You can't beat that with a bat.  I couldn't pass up the STEAL...and I had been on the hunt for a pair of nude pumps for a while now, so I HAD to buy them.

The nude patent pumps are comparable to the Steve Madden Caryssa pump that runs around $89.  They also had the style available in a gold glitter finish, as well, which was comparable to the Steve Madden CaryssaG pump that runs around $129.

I have yet to see them in person (other than the gold glitter pumps) but I know that they are available online, if you are unable to find them in-store. 

**FYI...I kid you not, these are the most comfy pumps that I own (I have the nude patent pumps - I'm wearing them in the "My Young, Thrifty, and Thriving Fashion Epiphany" post).

Purchase/view the blue patent pumps here.
Purchase/view the red patent pumps here.
Purchase/view the cheetah print (not patent) pumps here.
Purchase/view the black patent pumps here.
Purchase/view the black glitter pumps here.
Purchase/view the gold glitter pumps here.


  1. lovin' the cheetah print!


  2. thanks for letting us know. These shoes are cheap and cool!

  3. I need to run not walk, to get the nude and red version. They (red) are sold out online it seems.... What are the nude ones called?

  4. @BESOS LYNN...I just checked and the red ones are still available online, just not in store. The nude ones are no longer in stock online. Those came out before the red, blue, cheetah, etc.

  5. I would love to scoop those Cheetah print pumps but pumps won't stay on my feet when I walk *sad face*

  6. Of course I'm totally digging the ceetah print! I wish my local target wasn't such a hot mess I really want to go check these bad boys out!

  7. @Heather:
    I wanted the Cheetah print ones, too, but they were sold out online =( I bought the red and black ones online because I wanted to avoid being disappointed if they weren't at the Target near me lol